CryptoWear to Offer Chelle Coins for Every Purchase: An Unprecedented Crypto Team Up

Mississauga, Ontario, November 6, 2018 – Chelle Service Capital Inc. has already revolutionized the real estate and cryptocurrency industries together with the release of their Chelle Coin. Through their ingenuity and innovation in the blockchain sphere, they've sparked a new step forward for the crypto world, integrating real estate to further both the technology that it runs on and the people that utilize it.


Now, they're using their expertise and passion for all things crypto to fuel a new industry.


Introducing, CryptoWear Clothing, a new way to show your flair for all things crypto.


Like Chelle Coin, CryptoWear saw a demand in the crypto community that needed to be solved - fans and enthusiasts wanting to share their passion with the world. CryptoWear addresses this with style, etiquette, and even humor. They've introduced a new line of fashionable items perfectly catered to the spirited individuals who built crypto into what it is today.


Fortunately, this isn't just exclusive to experts. CryptoWear's catalog is accessible for anyone, at any level of crypto awareness. Wide-eyed newcomers, casual fans, seasoned professionals, even those with no knowledge of it at all besides an affinity for stylish clothing. CryptoWear caters to everyone, broadening the scope of the community with the affluential power of fashion.


Channeling the rebellious spirit of cryptocurrency, CryptoWear is designed with an urban streetwear aesthetic. These designs showcase the true nature at the heart of the industry, displaying your future-forward mindset while taking advantage of the hottest trends.




To add even more incentive, in an unprecedented collaboration, CryptoWear is now offering Chelle Coins for your purchases equal to the amount you spend if you use the promo code “WORLDCC”. This exclusive limited-time offer makes it easier than ever to integrate into the cryptocurrency market and take advantage of the real estate investment options provided by the Chelle Coin. You could be part of a growing boom in the real estate industry and reap lucrative rewards in the upcoming Chelle Platform - just from buying a shirt.


The blockchain is about giving back to the people, and Chelle Service Capital understands why this principle matters and wants to serve its community to the best of its abilities. This offer is a testament to this sense of community and will only strengthen the prominence of the crypto world.


More than that, crypto is about connecting people. One of the most powerful ways we can connect with others and share who we are is with what we choose to wear. CryptoWear makes it easier than ever for your clothes to make a statement about who you are and what you believe in. CryptoWear allows you to express yourself, promote what you care about, find other like-minded individuals, and all in a sleek package.


With CryptoWear, it’s a priority to make your shopping experience as smooth and worry-free as possible. Like their diverse catalog, obtaining Chelle Coins is just one option available to you for purchasing bonuses. If you'd prefer to receive a straight discount of 15%, this is available to everyone as well for the duration of their launch sale with the promo code “LAUNCHSALEWOO”.


If that's not enough, all orders that are $99 include a free shipping bonus. With so many rewards and discounts, now is the best time to buy exclusive CryptoWear merch. This Chelle Coin offer extends to the end of its ICO on January 7th, so this deal can only be taken advantage of by CryptoWear buyers for a short time.


Show your love of crypto in style and get your Chelle Coin crypto to prove it.



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